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"Jesse is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is prepared and helps me a lot with my English mistakes. Besides that, all our classes are very fun with interesting topics."

- Thais (Brazil)

"It’s always a lot of fun having classes with Jesse:) Apart from having some conversation about what I have done in September, Jesse also tries to help me build up confidence. Thanks:)"

- Mei (China)

"Jesse , thank you for everything. I couldn’t imagine that one day I will wire an email in English, I do now. My English has improved a lot with you , now I can speak English with confidence after our online conversations.
You are the best ..."

- Reem (Jordan)

English Black Belt Program

A Personal Guide to Master Your Fluency

Changing the world starts with you.

Become more confident

Meet more people

Dream bigger

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*NEW* Sweed Academy

If you haven't been here in a while, you may be confused about the name. Maybe you looked for Language Galaxy Academy, and it brought you here. Don't worry! You're in the right place. Language Galaxy is now Sweed Academy! Not only has the name changed, but there are new great features!

- My teaching Facebook page where I teach daily lessons.

- English Black Belt Program where you will be guided to reach the next level in your English

- As before, Jesse will help you grow in your confidence with your English learning.

- I'm excited about all of the growth we will be experiencing here, and I invite you to join me!

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All of my courses are designed to be INTERACTIVE. That means, I want you to learn by doing. Our new flagship course English Black Belt Program will help you LEARN new vocabulary and expressions, GROW in using correct grammar, and then RECEIVE corrections on your work in our Facebook community. JUST LIKE A REAL CLASSROOM! We learn by helping each other. Sign up for a private lesson if you want some 1-on-1 attention and to practice your new language. My goal is for you to reach your goals.

In the English Black Belt program, you will:

- Increase your English vocabulary and expressions

- Have access to HUNDREDS of English lessons

- Create examples and projects

- Have On-Demand video instruction

- Get a PDF worksheet to go along with each class

- Learn how NATIVE SPEAKERS use their language

- Have access to our private Facebook group and get DAILY LIVE LESSONS

- and much more!

1-Hour Lesson (25€/ hour)

Study with Jesse for 1 hour for any specialized need you have. Are you preparing for an exam? Do you have an interview coming up? Do you want to improve your general fluency and eliminate your errors and get to the next level? Jesse can help you!

30-Minute Lesson (12.50€)

Perfect for students who want to improve their English, but they don't have much time. Does 60 minutes of speaking English scare you? Don't worry! 30-minute lessons is the perfect amount! Get personalized help and interesting conversations to help boost your English!

English Black Belt Members (18€/ hour)

You get all of the benefits of the 1-Hour lessons for

a big discount. Get personalized classes for any need that you have.

What are students saying?

How can I learn English?

How can I become fluent?

How do I speak like a native speaker?

I want to improve my English. What should I do?

These are all questions that I ALWAYS get from people trying to learn English as a foreign language. The bad news is, I can't answer any of those questions for you. The good news is, I will show you how YOU can figure them out for yourself. Teach a man to fish.

Welcome to Language Galaxy. How do you learn best? Let's figure it out. Thanks for stopping by!